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ChefPlus Recommended Kitchen Equipment Brands

We have tested many brands over the past 20 years in over 35 restaurants our investors own. These are high volume, casual dining restaurants where quality food, drinks, and service are a must. After reviewing which brands have the least problems initially and over time, we picked the best value for each area of the kitchen. These are the brands you can count on working today and tomorrow. These are the brands that are least likely to cost you a lost weekend of front of house sales, lost food, and bad customer reviews.

When buying equipment, it only takes a lost weekend of business to see why it is better to be safe than sorry. Spending the extra money upfront will reduce your costs later with better reliability. You spend a lot on marketing money to acquire customers, don’t let your kitchen equipment stop you from growing your business.

Here is our current list we recommend you buy. We can get you any brand you want but these are the brands that we tested, use, and buy every month. These are the brands with the best warranty for what they do and how they are used.

At ChefPlus we don’t just sell equipment, we test it, buy it, and use it also.

Best Refrigerators:     TRUE  and  DELFIELD

Best Freezers:     TRUE  and  DELFIELD    

Best Fryers:     FRYMASTER

Best Ovens, Grills, and Flat-Tops:     GARLAND  and  IMPERIAL

Best Ice Machine:     MANITOWOC

How to Buy from ChefPlus:

1-      Simply review and select the model that is best for you by using the brands website links above

2-      Email us at  the model number you want and we will send you a price in a few hours

3-      If you want to move forward, we will process your order over the phone at 561-618-3024

4-      Most brands ship in a matter of days to your kitchen door with a few exceptions

5-      Equipment installation is not part of the price and you will be required to manage this step

6-      We only ship Equipment to South Florida restaurants so we can be onsite if required


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