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General Policies


Products in original packaging and unused may qualify for an authorized returned within 10 business days of product receipt date, if approved by our ChefPlus customer care team. You must obtain and receive an approved ChefPlus “Return Authorization” (RA) number prior to returning an item. If approved for an RA you will be given instructions on how to return the item. All approved RA will be subject to a 25% restocking fee charge to cover the cost of the return process. All other promotional costs received including free Shipping costs, at time of original purchase, will be deducted from any credit and/or refund and/or such. All Returns require an approved “RA” number from ChefPlus. Please complete the Return Request Form on our “Return Process” page. If your order has been picked up by our Carrier and/or shipped to you, it cannot be cancelled and our Return process must be followed.

Defective Merchandise

If an item is damaged when it is delivered by the Carrier do not accept the item and make a note on the delivery receipt for everyone’s record. If an item is defective after you first use it, refer to the warranty policy in the item(s) original packaging materials. Please follow the process stated as it may vary with each manufacturer.

Damaged Items

Important - If an item is damaged when it arrives, please note on the delivery receipt/ document from the Carrier at the time of receiving the shipment. Check every item you receive prior to accepting the shipment. It is critical you report any damaged to the shipment on the Carrier’s delivery documents, refuse the damaged item(s), and contact us right away in order to assist us with helping you. Our major Carriers will wait while you inspect and check your order for damage. This is a very critical part of the process. If you do not indicate and note on the Delivery Receipt that there is damage to the shipment, and, the item(s) is damaged, it will become very difficult for us to help you. If you do not find out until later after receiving the shipment, our Defective Merchandise Policy will apply. Please contact us if you have any questions

Missing Items

Please check each shipment when it arrives and verify the item(s) delivered with the Carrier delivery receipt. It an item is missing but on the Carrier Delivery receipt, please make a note of that fact on the Carrier Delivery documents. This is very important. Also please check your account online to verify the item shipped and the Carrier tracking number prior to calling our ChefPlus customer care number.

Order Cancelation

Orders can only be cancelled prior to shipping. Once an order has been picked up by the Carrier and/or shipped it, cannot be cancelled, and our Return Process must be followed. Please contact us immediately if you need help.


Many of our items have Free Shipping and you do not have to be concerned with Shipping Costs. However, if a Shipping Cost is applied to your order for a particular item, the shipping cost is an estimate. If the actual cost is higher than we reserve the right to charge you for the difference in shipping cost to cover our costs. We will only charge the amount that is not paid for by your original order payment method.

If some items are not available immediately we will ship your order in two or more shipments. You can track such activity online under your account and/or PO number. We use the major Carriers such as UPS, FedEx, to deliver orders. Orders on average take 5 business days to leave our warehouse and arrive at your location. Always inspect each shipment and refuse delivery of any part of the shipment that is damaged.


Privacy is very important to us and we will do our best to protect your Privacy. We will not share your information with anyone except the Parties involved in fulfilling your order such as our manufacturers, warehouse operations, credit card and/or payment institutions, and shipping Carriers. We use various encryption technologies to protect your information. However, we cannot and will not be liable for any impacts, costs, or activity that may occur if our program or our partner programs are hacked, stolen, distributed, or otherwise shared with non-approved 3rdparties. By submitting an order with us, you agree to this term and all terms and Policies outlined on this website and/or by ChefPlus by other means.

Site Content

The information on our website is largely provided by our manufacturing partners and we do our best to display this information as accurately as possible. We cannot be liable for any misinformation that may occur from time to time on our website or by other means at ChefPlus. This includes all of the content on the ChefPlus website. If you find any misinformation please contact us right away so we can correct it.


We do our best to fill each order in a timely fashion. At times an item may become “Out of Stock” and we cannot ship it to you. If this occurs we will ship the other in-stock parts of your order immediately and ship the “Out Of Stock” item(s) within 5 business days. In most cases if we cannot ship the “Out Of Stock” item in 5 business days, the order for this item will be cancelled and noted on your PO as such as our form of communication of the status of each item ordered and shipped. Always check the status of your order online at our website and by using the ChefPlus PO number.


All transactions are in USA dollars. All transactions must use a valid credit card to pay for the order you place with us and the billing address for the Credit Card must be a validate USA address. We do not accept orders under $100. All orders must also use a USA shipping address for the order to be delivered to.


All orders will be charged a sales tax and you are responsible for paying such.


The majority of the website content is owned and/or licensed to ChefPlus. Much of the website content is supplied to us by various 3rd party partners and we cannot be liable for the copy rights or other rights of such nor if such has 3rd party links and additional content to explore. Only authorized use of our ChefPlus website is allowed and we reserve the right to restrict anyone and/or business from using our website. The primary use of the website is to sell and ship restaurant supplies and equipment to you in the conntential USA.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

ChefPlus primarily purpose is to sell and ship you restaurant supplies and equipment that you order online with us. All sales for the products you order are based on an “As Is” basis and we make no additional claims and warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, to the operations and capabilities of the item(s) you order from ChefPlus. By ordering from ChefPlus , in any manner or form, you agree to all terms and policies outlined in and on this website. We will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of the use of the item(s) ordered , the website, or any other part of ordering and using ChefPlus sold products including all parts of the shipping and receiving process to you. If in the unlikely hood by some unknown law or such, a legal action was taken against us, the maximum liability will and cannot exceed $100 over a 12-month period of time and may not be allowed more than once in your relationship with ChefPlus. By doing business with ChefPlus you agree to this term and all other terms and policies stated by ChefPlus.


Unfortunately errors happened from time to time and we will do our best to minimize them. In the event you find an error with anything please contact us right away so we can correct the problem. If the problem is a wrong price , we will seek to correct this by charging the correct amount and adjusting the order amount. We also retain the right to cancel the order for errors.


The website is owned and operated by ChefPlus and/or approved by ChefPlus partners, vendors, and suppliers. All unauthorized use and/or use of the ChefPlus website beyond the original intent of the website which is to “Order Restaurant Supplies from ChefPlus” is not approved. All of the use and/or content and capabilities of the website must be approved by ChefPlus. We reserve the right to amend, change, and/or remove any content and/or capabilities of the ChefPlus website.

Use of Website

Your use of this website and the content of such is entirely at your own risk, for which we are not liable. All unauthorized use and/or use of the ChefPlus website beyond the original intent of the website which is to “Order Restaurant Supplies from ChefPlus” is not approved.

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